If you have an indoor pet, you know they aren’t quite accustomed to outdoor life. Nevertheless, they still stare out the window longing to explore. Without the proper safety precautions, it can be dangerous to take an indoor pet outside. With these simple tips and tricks, you can give your pet a taste of the outdoors without the potential risks.

Window seats and “catios” 

A new trend, called “Catios,” is a spin on a covered patio. It is a method of building a door in the window of a deck or outdoor space with an attached caged in area. Some build catwalks around their decks, while others choose to keep it simple with a caged in perch off the window.  


A big draw of the outside world for indoor animals is grass and plants. They love the feeling and smells of different grasses and flowers. Research which plants are safe to have around your animal as many pet supply stores sell specific cat grasses, bunny clovers, and others specific to your animal.   

Strollers, leashes, and backpacks 

Who says you can’t leash train an animal other than a dog? If your pet is willing and patient enough to wear a harness and leash, why not take them on a walk, or simply just let them sit on the porch? Everyone needs time to soak up the sun.

An alternative to the leash is a stroller. Animal strollers are like regular strollers, except they have a zippered net overtop so the pet can’t jump out. You might receive some stares—some may even be surprised when they look in and find a cat instead of a baby—but strollers are an effective and safe way to take your indoor pet outside.

Backpacks are not just for school anymore. With a clear center window and ventilation, you can take your pet wherever you go, whenever you go. These are popular for hikers who like to take along their furry sidekicks.  

Natural sounds 

Another attractive quality of the outdoors for indoor pets are the sounds of nature. Birds and gentle breeze sounds are calming to animals. Consider finding a nature sounds video on an app and playing it on a speaker for both you and your pet to relax.  

Climbing posts and playgrounds  

The outside world has a lot of space for climbing and playing, so bring that aspect into your home with climbing posts and playgrounds. This is a way to keep your pet’s need for play and exploration satisfied.  


Letting your indoor pet have a taste of the outdoors is easy and can benefit both you and your animal in the long run.




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