Every home has quirks and you’re bound to find minor things that you dislike about it. These drawbacks weren’t enough for you to pass on the house entirely; however, over time they might start to gnaw at you.

The good news is that, unlike leaky pipes or cracks in the foundation, your home’s minor inconveniences don’t typically cause you any serious financial pain. They’re merely cosmetic, and like an annoying blemish, can either be ignored, covered up, or embraced.

The patterned floors in the bathroom

Everyone has different tastes, and when it comes to flooring, it seems like some people have very different taste than others. A bright tiled pattern that may have been the pride and joy of your home’s former owner is now a total eyesore to you. The good thing is that flooring is easily replaced. If you have an older home, you should consider doing a little research on the manufacturing to dig up the history of your floors and make sure you find the correct replacement.

The outdated kitchen

We’re not talking appliances here; we’re talking the snazzy-colored countertops and hand-painted cabinetry. A kitchen is one of the first places new homeowners are eager to completely revamp, but there are plenty of ways you can put your own twist on this space without eliminating its charmingly antique qualities.


There’s no question about it that when you buy a home that has already been lived in by multiple families or individuals, there are lots of stories to uncover. The tire swing on the old tree in the backyard or bubblegum pink walls in the bathroom are just two of them, but you probably won’t have to look very far to find traces of the previous owner’s personal touches. You don’t have to keep them all, but sometimes these elements can make your home feel more comfortable and lived in, and are worth preserving.



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