You’ve reached the home inspection—an important step in the home buying journey. While receiving a long list of repairs from the inspector is common, quite a few of these repairs can be fixed by you!


Cosmetic issues  

While small cosmetic problems like touching up the paint or replacing furniture and fixtures may be hard on the eyes, they are generally easy on the wallet. Not touching up paint usually won’t make or break a deal, but it’s a good idea, if you have the time and money, to spruce your walls up.


Loose fixtures and railings

If a loose doorknob and wobbly deck railing are major safety concerns, the inspector will let it be known in his report. If these issues don’t pose a serious threat, you can typically tighten the screws yourself. 


Nonfunctional light switches and sockets

A light switch that fails to turn on can be annoying, but it’s not necessarily a sign of large electrical problems. Again, your inspector will inform you if the electrical system is up to code and recommend further remedies.


Minor landscaping problems                                                                                                         
Trivial landscaping issues aren’t life or death. Simple tasks like leveling pavers in a walkway or trimming a tree in the backyard can be completed in your own time to help boost curb appeal.



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