If you’re not sure if it’s time to sell or not, it’s essential that the entire family sits down and makes a list of pros and cons. If you still need convincing, here are some reasons to keep in mind as you prepare to make this big decision.

A shorter commute:
An average commute is 26 minutes, according to the US Census Bureau. From missing dinner with the family to having to consistently say no to plans, a long commute can make or break where you decide to live. Moving closer to work is a big reason many people choose to move, and if your daily commute is catching up to you, it may be something to consider.

More job opportunities:
Maybe you’re stuck in a mundane job that you don’t see a future with or you’re ready to make a total career switch. If you don’t live in an area conducive to this life change, you may need to reconsider where you live in order to take that leap.

You want a change of pace:
Whether you currently reside in the city or in the suburbs, sometimes what you need is a change of pace. Maybe you want to start fresh and meet new people, or you’ve gotten all you could’ve gotten out of your current location. Reassess where you’re at in life, and see if moving makes the most sense.


There are plenty of reasons to move to a new location, and these are just some of the ones to consider if this change is on the horizon.




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